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In the ultra-modern world clients are busy at work, juggling life, a career, family and other responsibilities on top of planning a wedding or event. Our luxury experience for our clients begins from the time they make first contact be it email or phone. Our specialists can ease your mind with their solid years of knowledge and experience in events.

From the moment you walk in till the time you exit the store there are several touch points and details including visual merchandising, music, displays and overall cleanliness that account for store experience. From the warm beverage on a hot day to an ice-cold glass of water we truly focus on client experience because we want to be unique.

Your One Stop Shopping Experience is unlike any other in the GTA because we are designed with the client’s needs in mind. You don’t need to drive to several appointments and meet with a minimum of five vendors, handling logistics, payments and contract details will just make your life an on-going nightmare.  Leave the stress to our competent team and let us do the work for you. You can meet with all five vendors in one appointment which saves you time and as you know time is money. Unless you have an abundance to burn.

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Pure Lush Designs and Co

Pure Lush Designs and Co is an experienced and established décor, floral and design team possessing innovative ideas and resources to meet the requirements of a high-level, extraordinary event experience. With our experience in mid-scale and luxury event industries, we are forward thinking logistical experts adept at resolving any challenges that may arise in high-pressure situations.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate that our couples have entrusted us as their designer and decorator for their incredibly important celebration. We approach each wedding we plan with care, discretion and transparency with our clients. We specialize in telling our clients stories by producing exquisite and joyful celebrations and look forward to hearing your story.

Lush Flower Boutique

For over five years Lush Flower Boutique has been providing the best bespoke bouquets and floral creations in the city. This commitment to crafting luxurious pieces has won them clients with exquisite taste. A starting point for your explorations in the world of fine flowers. Whether you seek an everyday posy, or a show-stopping arrangement for a big day, our in-house artist will help you express your deepest feelings with flowers.





Pure Lush Designs & Co


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