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If you’re into flowers that fill the room with romance, cheer up a loved one or just to say hello, then you have come to the right place. Your fresh flower blooms will be thoughtfully selected, carefully curated, and ARTFULLY and JOYFULLY designed for your wedding!

For over five years Lush Flower Boutique has been providing the best bespoke fresh flower bouquets and floral creations in the city. This commitment to crafting luxurious pieces has won them clients with exquisite taste. A starting point for your explorations in the world of fine flowers. Whether you seek an everyday posy, or a show-stopping flower arrangement for a big day, our in-house artist will help you express your deepest feelings with flowers.

We offer customized floral designs; so if you don’t see something you like in our catalogue, please ask us, we can make magic with any type of foliage.

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We Love Flowers & Pretty Things

For almost 25 years Melissa Barban has curated a sense of discipline and passion for stylish events and attention to details which keeps her and her team grounded and smiling under high stress situations.  She loves working with dream clients that are as excited as she is to create an exclusive floral and decor experience.

Award winning, Executive lead designer, Melissa Barban’s creative passion for flowers and out of the box stylish designs, are the driving force behind her successful floral and wedding/event design portfolio. Our work has been featured in multiple wedding blogs and publications in Ontario.  If you’re into flowers that fill the room with romance, cheer up a loved one or just to say hello, then you have come to the right place. 

If you want to create a space using elements that captivates your guests, and you’d like to make a new friend in the process, keep scrolling, We can’t wait to meet you. 

Let’s Talk about how this works

So if you have made it this far, you are probably interested in a design session and want more information right? Pricing, what to expect, how it allllll goes down, etc? Well I am about to walk you through it all! Hopefully by the end we would have answered all or most of your questions BUT we are always more than happy to help answer your questions.

1.  Initial consultation

Depending on whether you are just booking wedding party florals or ordering a custom flower arrangement, we still take your sense of style to help guide you through the process.  Wedding and Events require alot more information such as design, logistics, inspiration, themes and colours so we recommend booking a no obligation consutlation where we can chat about the details and make the right recommendation for you.  Custom florals can be done in a quick phone design session in 10 minutes to decide on what the best choice is.

2.  Make a plan

Once we have your design concept, we are then able to send you a proposal, where you can decide if you want to let us create your
masterpiece, if we are the right fit and talent and become our lifelong friend or not.  Once you have confirmed your contract or order,
we will require a 50% deposit for events with the balance due 5 business days before the event. 

For custom flower arrangements and pieces we require a full payment at the time of order to ensure we are not left stuck with a product we cannot sell. 

3.  Round of changes – Final Design Meeting

Wedding florals require a final design meeting about two to three months before your big day, this is when we make final changes and update your colour, final counts, delivery details and logistical timelines.  If your photographer is coming to your home then it is a good idea to have your florals delivered ahead of time.  Don’t worry if your theme changed, this is the time to give us those updates.  If you are ordering something smaller then we need at least 30 days for changes in colours, styles etc.

4.  Final delivery & Logistics

On the delivery day, you can expect your beautiful parcel of goodness to arrive within the estimated delivery time.  For weddings, we ask that you place the bouquets in water to ensure maximum freshness.  We either deliver ourselves or use a floral courier.  

Time to enjoy your beautiful blooms. 





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