Meet the Team

Meet the team

My goal is for each of our clients to have a seamless floral and décor planning process, and to enjoy being present during this unique season of their life! I specialize in taking each couple’s unique vision and bringing it to life with premium flowers and decor. With over 900 weddings under my belt, I accept only a limited amount of work each year, so I can completely devote my time and attention to floral production, and the visual outcomes of each wedding speak for themselves! 

With our full-service approach, my team and I are one of the first to arrive on-site and one of the last to leave; no detail is left untouched. From your bouquets, to ceremony designs, and reception centerpieces, I work alongside you throughout your entire wedding process to bring the décor and floral designs you are envisioning to life! We have designed weddings in a variety of venues, including luxurious venues, private estates, upscale barns, historic homes, art museums and more.

Melissa Barban

Executive Director & Lead Designer

Hi! I’m Melissa, the chief creative and executive director here at Pure Lush Designs and Co. When you do what you love, hard work is always wrapped in a whole lot of joy and overwhelming fulfillment. I can proudly say without a doubt, that I love what I do! The passion is genuine and sincere, and I am absolutely dedicated to this cause. Your cause! I live by the simple principle, "everything we do can and should be done better" and I encourage others to live by the same motto.

An OCD person by nature, I have made it my personal mission to make wedding dreams come true. After a 23 year career in Hospitality, Melissa launched her décor company as a side gig never dreaming of where destiny would lead to today – a full time growing Décor, Florals & Venue Company alongside a One Stop Shop. A spiritual person at heart, Melissa is pure love and use these ethics as her core foundation to ensure clients always receive authentic advice.

Just a Few Things I Love

I'm a wanderer of the world which is where some of my inspirations come from. When not completely immersed in event details, you’ll find me spending time with my family, raising my grandson or running the Peel Women’s Business Network Group – a group that I have founded and still heavily involved in to date. I love travelling, food, desserts especially Moscato and professional development books, oh and of course flowers and all things pretty.

Client Services

Client Services & Logistics Specialists

The first point of communication, we are here to welcome you with a bubbly smile. Our client services team will most likely be the person you communicate with the most once your event is booked. They will gather information, take notes, send you reminders and answer any questions you may have. When you wake up with a wedding nightmare and wonder if you remembered to tell us, give them a call or send an email they will be happy to add the notes to your file. These team members are organized and without them our events would not run as smooth as they do. Who doesn’t love a job where they get to colour! The client services & logistics specialist do just that. They keep the entire team organized by creating worksheets, packing lists, design sketches and they try to read Melissa’s crazy doctor handwriting and make sense of it all. These are the staff that will bring you a cold glass of bubbly or a warm welcoming beverage on a crisp fall consultation session. They are there to ensure the events are successful!

Decor Sales Specialist

Our Wedding & Event Décor Sales Specialist is there to gather your details, pick your brains and understand your vision. They are there to understand your likes, dislikes and keep you on track with a realistic budget. We don’t always listen to you because after all you are planning just one event, we have planned just under a thousand! We know how to design weddings and we design them well. Did you know that a wedding production is approximately 40hrs of labour? What’s a one-week paycheque worth to you? Our décor sales team are there to guide you on how to transform your space, listening to keywords and using them as gentle reminders to steer you in the right direction. They will ask lots of questions, do a rough sketch and review what services you need. They then pass the file and notes to the lead designer who will then add her design expertise to craft a unique bespoke design, figure out how much manpower is needed, a item list of products required to transform your vision into a reality, after which she will enter your quote into a workbook and send it for you to review.

Floral & Event Designer

This is the heart and soul of our business, but then again all positions require top notch details and are all important because together we complete the puzzle. Our floral and event designer's are the people who bring their creative flair to our brand, we only hire designers with prior experience because we don't want to be experimenting and training with your events and florals.

Event Designers

Our team of designers are the ultimate bosses around here, without them we couldn’t do what we do. They are expected to wake up at crazy hours, lift heavy things, have tons of patience to clean all those glass vases and must love keeping their fitness in check with the number of steps they will get in by loading and unloading for events. They must love draping and cannot be afraid to steam, lots of patience required but bonus we get to have fun and meet the clients to hear the oohs and aahs the day their space gets transformed. This crew of 3-5 people are usually university or college students and sacrifice late nights and early mornings, they give up their weekends to give you a beautiful event often times going to bed at 5am.

Pure Lush Designs & Co



8054 Torbram Road
Brampton, Ontario, L6T 3T2


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