Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people work at Pure Lush Designs and Co?

There are five operations staff members plus four events crew members at Pure Lush Designs and Co, not including interns.

Do I have to have a wedding date and venue to make an appointment?

Yes. Unfortunately we can not entertain appointments without these two requirements.

Are you wedding planners or wedding designers/decorators?

While both of these titles operate hand in hand here at Pure Lush Designs and Co we would have to say that we are primarily designers first and foremost. Our process begins with the art of transforming spaces to reach an elevated aesthetic. We believe that we should not dilute our focus hence we do not do planning but we work with a few selected planners who fit our profile of experience and service levels.

How long have you been planning weddings?

In May 2021 it will officially be 10 years!

How many weddings have you planned?

If you could see our faces right now, we’re blushing big time because it feels like people never believe us when we say that we stopped counting once we reached 900 weddings in 2019. But it’s the truth!

How many clients do you book per day?

Pure Lush Designs and Co exclusively accepts a maximum of 2 full clients per day/365 days of the year. However, if someone’s venue is far or their details are plentiful we will only take the one event to ensure we can execute perfectly.

Do I have to know my budget before coming in for an appointment? 

Yes as this is very helpful information so that we offer ideas and a design which is within your budget. We understand that budgets may change but we need to have an idea of general budget comfort level. We are happy to provide some basic general and entry level pricing over the phone to establish whether or not you are comfortable booking an appointment.

All wedding decorators are the same, right?

No way. Consider this, you’ve probably had good haircuts and bad hair cuts in your lifetime, because not all hair stylists are the same. Similarly, not all wedding decorators are the same.

Can I choose which designer I want to work with?

Your first free no/obligation consultation will be with either Saghi, Tristan or Melissa. While Melissa would love to meet every potential client, it is just not possible. We are not able to guarantee that you will be meeting with one person over another, however, we can assure you that one can expect to enjoy the same experience and receive the same information regardless of your design representative. We are all involved in overseeing all design assignments internally with our team. Clients who choose our company are choosing based on our reputable brand and not based on one person.

Does the Pure Lush Designs and Co staff have day jobs?

Here at Pure Lush Designs and Co this is our full-time day job. We aren’t hobbyists and we don’t plan weddings on the side. Our couples have our complete and undivided attention, as well as the benefit of our three decades of experience. We only take a select amount of clients per year to ensure that every client feels like they are our only bride or groom.

Will Pure Lush Designs and Co set up my decor?

Absolutely! During one of our final consultations we will ask you to compile a list of items you would like our team to set up and style on your behalf. This includes gift table items, memory table mementos and your seating chart and welcome signs. We would be more than happy to assist with placement of your place-cards, table menus, table numbers, favours, simple napkin folds, signing table, sweets table, cake table, gift table etc. at an hourly rate to be confirmed at the final design meeting.

How many Pure Lush Designs and Co staff will be on-site on my wedding day?

There will be 3-4 staff members present on your wedding day. Due to the fact that items require detailing and the fabrics require steaming (and depending upon the logistics of your event) you will have overlapping staff throughout the day to ensure we are able to pay full attention to every detail of your day from ceremony to reception to flower delivery and hand off.

What if you’re sick on my wedding day?

Pure Lush Designs and Co plan every wedding, so we can take that fear out of the equation completely. Also, all of our team of designers are highly trained with a minimum of 5 years experience in the industry with multiple weddings under their belts. In other words, even if one member is ill on your wedding day, the Pure Lush Designs and Co team is more than capable of expertly completing your event as originally planned.

I’m planning my wedding for Toronto, but I live in Australia? Are we a good fit?

Quarter of Pure Lush Designs and Co clients live abroad and we offer years of experience crafting gorgeous weddings for clients who live all around the world. We call this ‘reverse destination brides.’ If you fall into this category, we’re prepared for Zoom chats that odd hours (on our end) to accommodate your time zone. And we have a ton of fun along the way!

I’m planning a destination wedding. Will you travel?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! We will certainly travel although accommodation and travel fees are extra of course, our fundamental service fees remain the same. It would be a pleasure to travel for your day.

Do you do other events besides weddings?

Yes. We offer design and design execution services for corporate events, and other social events like bridal showers, birthdays, baptisms, as well as bar/bat mitzvah.

I want to hire you, but you’ve never planned a wedding at my chosen venue. Will this be a problem?

This is a non-issue. We’ve designed and decorated weddings in gorgeous industrial spaces that had no running water or even electricity. You shouldn’t choose a decorator based on if they’ve worked at your specific venue before or not. You should first find the designer that’s a right fit for you, who you’ll enjoy working with. We are versatile, resourceful, imaginative and creative – we can make your desired location transform to beautiful.

What’s the average cost for a wedding?

This 100% depends upon the number of guests you have and how extravagant your must have wish list is. On average we would say that most elegant weddings are typically $8000-$12000 for about 150-200 people. Some basic weddings are around $4000-$6000.

I still have questions.  Can I speak with someone?

Of course!  Please Contact Us 
or use the quick form below with any additional questions you may have
and a member of our team will get back to you.


Since opening, FCC Decor has designed and executed more than 900 weddings, from small family affairs to 600-guest events at amazing venues across Ontario.

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